What hooks do you use in your carp sessions cheap, or expensive one?

During years of carpfishing every angler is having his favorite hooks, what he belive in. My partner and during our sessions all the time put a lot of focus in choice of More »

Carpfishing tactics using PVA systems!

One method when using boilies in PVA bags is to add in a few crushed baits, however, make sure you use crushed pop-up boilies rather than bottom baits. The powdered pieces and More »

Boilie mix ingridients…

When constructing a boilie mix, it can seem quite daunting at first, there are so many ingredients out there, and making sure you have right combination to give a bait that rolls More »

Carp Venom products in action!

As i say before we have start preparation for carp cup in lake Ontario where we are also going to present our personal friend and his company CASTAWAY PVA UK. In our More »

Spring time carpfishing theme!

Spring is the time when all of nature seems to wake up from the cold spells of winter just gone, and life under water is no exception. The water temperature starts its initial rise More »

What about some pop ups!

Normally in some time i didnt belive in our start of carpfishing in pop up boilies. From time to time i start using them, and see good things in catch level. The More »

Preparation for spring carpfishing!

Fishing in Spring time is a real favourite for me and also many other anglers. Probably because us fisherman have waited all winter for the weather to warm up a little bit More »

Carp float fishing…

    My favourite has to be the beachcaster set up for its simplicity and the fact no line is touching the water against the controller which has all the line touching More »

Carp Venom extreme powders

Venom powder is specialy designed to support our spray liquids. After u spray your bait u have powder to put more attraction on your bait. Perfect on hard waters and great response More »

Simple boilie story!

Goodness, if ever there was a subject you could write a book about in carp fishing, finding the best boilie would probably be it! Yet, with that said, it still never fails More »


Croatian national carp team in WCC Portugal!


Croatian national team with Ali Hamidi from Korda development in WORLD CARP CHAMPIONSHIP 2013. in Portugal!

Sector draws!

Li i Hrvoje A – 8

Tomo i Laci B – 1

Banaj i Pajo C – 16